J.P. Banbury - Bruxism

“I have suffered with bruxism (tooth grinding) for over 15 years. I wear a tooth guard at night to lessen the damage to my teeth as it is not something I am aware of when sleeping. The longer the tooth guard lasts the less I am grinding. Terry hypnotized me four times to help with the problem eleven months ago and there is no wear and tear to the tooth guard yet. I would usually have replaced it by now!”

S.T. Banbury - Better Memory

“I had a memory problem in that as a performance artist I would struggle with the first line of almost anything that had to be recited, once I had that first line the rest would fall into place. I tried many industry tricks to get around this but none worked effectively. Terry told me he would work something out, after a few sessions I've found I no longer think it’s going to be a problem, and that thought alone seemed to be the root, Solved! Thanks, Terry.”

F.A.B. Banbury - Nail Biting

“From an early age I have bitten my nails, it was a habit I was not aware I was doing. My parents tried everything, the nasty tasting solution you put on your nails, even trying to give me a goal and reward, "If you don't bite your nails for a month you can have £5.00 (which is a lot of money for a small child!), these efforts were to no avail. Throughout my life, I have stopped for periods at a time, but have somehow for some reason started again. I saw a hypnotherapist (Terry) thinking what's the worst that could happen? After my first session, I felt nothing had changed, then I realized a month had gone by and I had not bitten my nails! They looked so neat and feminine, this spurred me on to keep them that way! After a refresher session 5 months later, to cement my goal I have not looked back, 2 years have passed and my nails are lovely, healthy and strong! Thanks, Terry!”

A.B. Banbury - Weight Loss

Hi Terry, just back from a wonderful holiday & wanted to say " thank you" for your help in my weight loss journey. I was able to stand up & move around in a bikini for the first time in years rather than hiding under baggy t shirts. That is a massive achievement for me & I know I would never have got there without your help. I feel in control of my eating at last and am so much happier. I would recommend Profound hypnotherapy to anyone.  

Thank you, the journey continues!

S.A. Banbury - Height Phobia

Hi Terry

Success! I’m 14 stories up on the hotel roof bar and pool in Columbo Sri Lanka. Feeling great and at ease Would

Never have managed this before I met you. Thanks. 

D.G.A. Banbury - Anxiety Issues

I was really very down, it was having a real impact on my professional life, my personal life, my friendships and my relationships.  Life was beginning to get too miserable and I felt as if I didn’t want to carry on.    

My issues, previous post-natal depression, a very long term failed relationship, my anxiety and the inability to be able to move forward in life all of these issues were dealt with along the way and I can honestly say, hand on heart that now and this is months further on that life is now so much better, much happier, much more rewarding and I am unafraid of the unknown.  I feel as if I can and so far have fortunately been able to, tackle many problems.  I would highly recommend Terry Jones as being able to help with many different types of issues that you might have. 

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